Thursday, November 24, 2011

Got Twins?

Got Twins?
My life is overrun with twins, so I found this article from Live Science fascinating. Seeing Double: Eight Fascinating facts about twins

How does one's life become overrun with multiples, you ask? When you marry an identical twin, whose mother was an identical twin and then you have identical twins. When you're father is a twin. When your mother had twin aunts. When your best friend from grade school has identical twins. Do you begin to understand why our third child is adopted?

As I already knew, the article says they still don't know what causes identical twinning and they swear it's not genetic. I'm fond of telling all my twins they're simply freaks of nature. I don't know if as a mom, as per the article, I'm any taller than average, or stronger, and although I swear at times my children are taking more years off my life than all the cigarettes I smoked in college, Live Science says by having twins, I'll live longer.

It's hard to say how nice my sons were to each other in utero, in terms of their "other directed actions" vs. "self-directed" ones. Let's just say, judging from all the kicking, there should be no doubt Taekwondo is their sport. As for dogs being able to tell identical twins apart, don't mention that to our nine-year old Lab. When I ask her to go wake up Ethan, she brings me a shoe.

Yeah, there's a certain caché to having twins, especially the more rare identical ones. It is cool. And while they've never played any tricks on me, so far as I know, it's fun to hear the stories of the tricks, intentional or otherwise, with which others have been victimized. (Like the time Kyle was home sick and Ethan got yelled at for cutting a class, by a teacher who didn't know Kyle was a twin. She was so convinced she was talking to Kyle, Ethan had to show her his school ID!)

So, I guess I don't care if I live any longer because of all my twins. I know I'm living funner! And maybe it's only that, that has me walking a little taller.

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