Thursday, November 24, 2011

Are Chicago Public School teachers overdeveloped?

Today begins a three week stretch in which my sons will go to school for only three days a week. This week, Veteran’s Day is Friday the 11th but the school added a “Professional Development Day” on Thursday. The first three-day week. Next week report card pick-up is on Thursday and traditionally on report card pick-up day there’s no school for the students. Fine. But they added yet another “Development Day” next Friday. The second three-day week. In a row. The following week is the Thanksgiving holiday, so I suppose that’s excused. But still. Three three-day weeks in a row? It prompted one of my sons to ask at dinner last week, “I worry our teachers will be overdeveloped!”

I don’t know where he gets it.

Adding ninety-minutes to the school day seems like an awful lot and as I stated previously I’m on the fence about it. What’s a card-carrying union member CPS parent to think? Although, I’m starting to lean in a new direction. What if instead of adding time to the school day, my kids just spent more days in school? It would mean they wouldn’t have to travel to and from school in the dark quite as often. They would have more time at home for homework or other extra-curricular activities. And it would have the added benefit of not having so many overdeveloped teachers, which , I don't know, kinda sounds like something there should be medication for.

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