A City Mom is the D.B. Cooper Pooper 
Isn’t it exciting? The FBI seems to be on the verge of solving our country’s only unsolved hijacking! The D.B. Cooper story has been the subject of speculation and folklore ever since it happened in 1971. But wait a minute, folks. I hate to dump a big pile of acitymom skepticism onto the parade, but the woman coming forward with the new evidence is writing a book about it.

Gee, do you think this new evidence might help her sell a few books?

According to yesterday’s Chicago Tribune, Marla Cooper said, “she is working on a book about her uncle, but said that wasn’t her primary motivation for coming forward.” Really?  I mean, because who wouldn’t want to read a book about Lynn Doyle Cooper, some obscure guy from nowhere that died back in 1999? I’m sure all those literary agents and publishers were beating down her door before she approached the FBI with her new evidence. Can’t you see them behind their big desks in their fancy New York offices: “The Lynn Doyle Cooper Story! I must have it at any price!”

Have we learned nothing from James Frey and Greg Mortensen? Will Marla Cooper be our third cup of deceit?  She says she remembers all this stuff about her uncle, that he was plotting in the garage with another uncle. That he showed up all bloody and bruised after the hijacking happened. She didn’t remember any of this before now? She didn’t think the FBI would be interested in knowing earlier? Please.

As a person who has a foot in both worlds, flying and publishing, I can tell you the D.B. Cooper story is a fascinating and potentially lucrative one.  If Marla Cooper really has new evidence, then shame on her for sitting on it all these years. If she really doesn’t have any new, hard physical evidence besides these “memories” from when she was a girl, well then, just shame on her.

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