Thursday, June 09, 2011

Simplify: More advice from the do-gooder Graffitti artist

If you're a graffiti artist like my Do-Gooder Graffiti artist, I imagine it would be easy to follow your own advice. Simplify.
I mean, what responsibilities could you have if you're a graffiti artist, right? But for fun, let's just say you do have responsibilities Mr. Do-Gooder (or maybe Ms. Do-Gooder!)--a family, a job, maybe a house or an apartment to take care of--and you're only just a graffiti artist on the side. Since you're a person pre-disposed to not follow the rules, how much can you really care about your obligations to all those things you're responsible for? So sure, I suppose it's real easy for you to go around saying things like "Simplify" and "Do Good" and "Love" if all you have to do all day is create graffiti.[Do-Gooder Graffiti?] [Sorry]

Alright, I know the chances of my do-gooder graffiti artist actually being only one person are pretty slim, since I've found all this uplifting defacement widely scattered throughout the city, but I sort of like the idea of one rogue, inspirational marauder canvasing the city with a can of spray paint and a dream. (and a stick for wet cement, too)

I routinely walk past this "Simplify" graffiti on my way to yoga. It's a good message for someone to see on their way to yoga, but it kind of makes me sad because yoga class is about the only time that my life is ever simple. And I wonder about the guitar. Would taking guitar lessons help simplify my life? I don't think so. My son takes guitar lessons, and judging from the looks of his desk, his life is far from simple.

Everyone probably wants to simplify their life in some way. Just look at the success of "Real Simple Magazine." I love their ideas and if I can ever afford to hire a staff, I might try some, but right now I somehow don't think having staff would simplify my life the same way liquidating all my assets and running off to a desert island would.

I want to
do right.jpg
but it's not always that simple.

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