Thursday, June 09, 2011

Really Sexy Men Clean House

When I read my friend Rick's post yesterday, [The Best Time to Visit My House] about cleaning his house, my very first thought was, I'm surprise Bridget doesn't attack you. I mean in a good way. Have you read this article from the Washington Post, about what turns women on, Naked Man Parts? Not so sexy? As you can see, it's not naked man parts via Twitter. When I got to the part about putting the soon-to-expire food toward the front of the refrigerator, I was breathing heavily. I mean, talk about titillating. So, imagine my thought process when, the day after I Tweeted this article, my pal Rick writes about how he spends one day a week cleaning his entire house.
After reading all the news about men behaving badly (Weiner, Edwards, Schwarzenegger, to name a few), it's so nice to hear about a man behaving well. But I think I know what you're up to here, Rick old friend. Not very subtle timing either. But it all does makes me wish my husband followed your blog by RSS feed. Oh wait. He does. (That part about cleaning the fridge. I'm not kidding, honey.)

It is absolutely true that if some guy emailed or Twittered me some naked photos of his private body parts, I would totally not find it sexy, intriguing or even interesting. Honestly. On Monday, a co-worker of mine facetiously sent a photo of his (fully-clothed; I was sitting next to him) man-parts to his wife. I told him he'd be better off if he sent her a picture of him taking out the garbage. Because I know if my husband sent me a photo of himself cooking dinner or just picking his dirty drawers up off the floor, ooh, baby. I'm done for.

Bridget Kaempfer and I can count ourselves among the lucky ones. She's got Rick taking care of her house while she's at work and even though my husband works full time too, he runs the whole show while I jet off to Europe. He's even been known to cook the most amazing crockpot dinners on the weekends. (His potato bacon soup is to die for.)

Maybe Bridget and I can see right through your domestic tricks, you two, all the little ploys you're using to get what you really want. I say, so what? Use me, abuse me and fold that load of laundry. Mmmm. I'm all atwitter.

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