Thursday, June 09, 2011

iPassed on iRobot Roomba: Whew!

Yesterday I was feeling seriously sorry for myself because I came home to a sick dog that had left me several enormous and stinky presents to clean-up. For the most part she crapped on the hardwood floor but there was some on the rug, too. Nasty. The only way I could deal with the mess was to put peppermint extract on some Kleenex and shove it up my nose--and I still had a couple dry heaves. (It's been a long time since diapers in this house and apparently my endurance is gone.) I complained about it to my husband and he told me the story about a guy he'd heard about from someone, that had had the same trouble--the sick dog, the diarrhea in the living room. Unfortunately for this guy, he also had a Roomba, which methodically and dutifully spread his dog's crap all over the room.

Now that was just the belly laugh I needed.

And I've never been so happy to have chosen to pass on some technology. Ever.

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