Friday, May 13, 2011

What to do with your kids this summer? You're hired!

Wondering what to do with your kids this summer? One of my friends has the perfect solution: put them to work for you! Her twin sons are just finishing their freshman year at college and her husband wrote them the following letter, which she posted on her Facebook page. I thought it was so funny, I'm going to share. Her husband is Jim Moeller, CEO of Devpeak Technologies, which he runs from his home office.
Congratulations! Your application for summer employment at Devpeak Technologies, LLC has been accepted.

We're looking forward to your arrival after your current college semester is over.  Our working hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, but flex time can be arranged occasionally for special situations.  We offer attractive health benefits with on-site fitness facilities and a self-serve/self-clean-up cafeteria.  In addition, we offer a QUIET and attractive work environment that I'm sure you'll find conducive to extraordinary productivity.  As a special incentive this summer we are also offering to cover your housing and transportation expenses as well.  Your overall compensation will be in accordance with competitive industry wages that accurately value your contributions, but, of course, not to exceed the compensation of our CEO.  Further compensation details can be discussed when you arrive.

We have a number of exciting projects on which you can contribute, including but not limited to the list below.  We would encourage you to consider the list below and arrive with additional thoughts on how your knowledge, skills and interests might best be utilized in adding value to these projects.   In addition to these projects, occasional manual labor, consisting mostly of working on the beautiful outdoor scenescapes surrounding Devpeak headquarters, will be required.

Again, thank you for your interest in Devpeak Technologies and we look forward to seeing you later in May.

Devpeak Technologies, LLC

Project List (listed in priority order):
1. Mini Linux Server / Reverse Proxy Server.
2. Mini Microcontroller-based Web Server Application Programming (mostly, XHTML and Java).
3. Website programming utilizing PHP and MySQL.
4. Mobile Platform Programming - Android, iPod/iPad, and even RIM Playbook.
5. XNA Game Creator Programming utilizing MS Visual Studio and the XBOX platform.
I thought this was such a fantastic idea (and so fantastically written!) my sons might just find themselves working on the beautiful outdoor scenescapes surrounding acitymom's headquarters as well. And as per my friend's son's request in a comment on her Facebook page, we may even allow casual Fridays.

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