Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mother's Day Road Not Taken

Happy Mother's Day! What's that you say? It was yesterday? Well, of course I know it was yesterday, but since you're going to be such sticklers about it, Happy Belated Mother's Day, then. (I work for an airline and you expect me to be on time?)

mothers day card.jpg
A Carlton Card. Available at Target!

Yesterday, acitymom decided to give herself a little Mother's Day present--a day off. I knew all the other bloggers out there would be posting about Mother's Day and that a post from acitymom would be exactly what everyone would be expecting. And you know me, I live for the unexpected; the unforeseen hairball on the rug, the surprise track meet tonight (this is so common, I now refer to them as Mystery Meets) and the poor child of mine who threw-up in Multi-Cultural Studies at school this morning. (Yeah, Tanya's home sick today :-(  )

Besides, did you read Jackie's Tithof Steere's So Not An Expert post 30 of the Best Quotes on Motherhood or Kirby's Cheaper Than Therapy post What Mom really wants for Mother's Day  yesterday? Whew. Quite excellent. They, and so many others, did such a fine job, I figured the subject was covered. So, I decided to take my mom's advice, and not do what I knew everyone else would be doing.

The card pictured above is the card I gave my mom yesterday. Remember hearing that old saying? I certainly do. And I remember replying, "Well, no, I wouldn't jump of a bridge because that would just be stupid but I really, really do want to go to Janie Lundquist's slumber party."

So, as another little gift to my mom, I decided to not jump off the bridge yesterday with all the other bloggers blogging about Mother's Day, but to take the road less traveled, actually the Road Not Taken (if I'm going to quote from Frost correctly) and hang out here in the dog house with all the other knuckleheads who forgot about Mother's Day, or were late to Mother's Day, because they need representation too, and not just in probate court.

Yesterday on Mother's Day, I thoroughly enjoyed my day off. And I really mostly did have a whole day off. (Thanks Jeff and wonderful children!) I'm glad I took the time too, because today it's right back in the trenches with one kid home sick from school.

I hope everyone had a fantastic day yesterday and I would like to once again wish you all a Happy Belated Mother's Day! And let's just hope this works out better for me than Janie Nordquist's slumber party did.

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