Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's Rewrite History! Newspaper Deletes Clinton from Photo

Last week I wrote about the iconic photograph of our leaders in the situation room watching as Osama bin Laden was captured and killed A Mom in the War Room. My observations kicked up a bit of a stir. But nothing quite like this.CNN-Religious Paper Cuts Clinton from Photo  A Hasidic newspaper, Di Tzeitung, based in Brooklyn, New York, decided to erase Hillary Clinton completely from the photo.

According to the CNN report, Di Tzeitung says their First Amendment rights to Freedom of Religion allow them to, you know, RE-WRITE HISTORY. I for one, vehemently disagree with their argument. I believe it is absolutely inexcusable for them to Photoshop out the truth. There were two women in the Situation Room. If they felt the presence of these women was immodest, well fine. So be it. That IS their right. Their option is: don't run the picture at all. Discuss the photo. Crop the photo--show only our President's face, but they don't get to hide behind their religious skirts claiming it's their right to lie, to alter the truth, because after all their paper's policies are guided by a "Rabbinical Board." That's outrage.

The White House told CNN it would not comment on this matter. Cool. I guess this gives us all the nod, free reign to alter history and the truth however we see fit. Acitymom for one, is very offended by iconic historical photographs of little naked girls like this one:

So here:


Oh, and she's also really upset with National Geographic for the immodest photo that shows the entire face of a beautiful Afghan girl.

I suppose I could have just expressed my opinions and exercised my religious beliefs without re-writing history, but I much prefer to tighten my corset and set a dangerous precedent.

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