Friday, February 25, 2011

City of Chicago Alley Plowing is "Not Policy"

It seems a lot of city folk are concerned about whether or not the city will plow the alleys. The answer, apparently, is "No."  It's not the city's policy to clear the alleys. We received the following in an email from our Alderman yesterday, Snow Plowing Update. And yet, as I wrote yesterday (Blizzard 2011-Groundhog Day Edition) the city will give tickets to private plows. My neighbor said the guy she talked to with the plow on the front of his truck showed her his ticket or she wouldn't have believed it herself. He even showed her his order to appear in court.

Our block and the people on the block behind us banded together and were able to clear about half of our alley, enabling about half of our respective cars to get out to the side streets. Let's just hope the city ticketers don't come after the guy next door who was using his snow blower!

I get it that sometimes plowing an alley can cause more trouble in terms of blocking people in, but with such a large amount of snow and so few places to put it, it seems like it really couldn't hurt. I'm hesitant to suggest making alley plowing a policy, however. Just got the 1st Installment tax bill yesterday, too. Wish we'd piled all that alley snow on the front porch.

Best of luck out there!

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