Friday, February 25, 2011

The Chicago Blizzard of 2011--Snow Day!

Snow day! I don't know who's more excited about no school today, me or my kids. I think me.  After spending two days running around doing blizzard prep (making sure we had enough food on hand to feed two teenage boys and one twelve-year-old girl who eats like one) today I am looking forward to, well, nothing.
just a swingin'.jpg
just a swingin'

Trying to get kids out of the house these days is not like I remember it when I was a kid, when your mom said go outside and play and you innocently did, only to hear the door lock click behind you, then the sliding of the deadbolts and the unmistakable slam of the two-by-four landing in its metal bracket. Actually, I think my generation tends to romanticize our memories of playing outside all day. I seem to remember my mom frequently having to forcibly peel me away from Gilligan's Island reruns to get me into the back yard.
bike in snow.jpg
Go outside and ride your bike.

It's the same way with my kids, but only in the summer and with my boys much more so than my daughter. They hate playing outside when it's warm out.  "There are bugs out there." In the winter, different story. I can't keep them inside. They look at me with bright red cheeks and blue lips and swear they're not cold. I have to coax them in with tales of hot cocoa and cookies, which can only keep them in the house long enough for their snow pants to de-slushify in the dryer.

Yesterday, my daughter and her friend wanted to play outside around four p.m., you know, when the snow wasn't coming down as much as it was blowing by us horizontally. I did hesitate, but then decided No. I didn't think it would be any fun. It was too bitter cold and getting dark and I didn't want to have to explain to the friend's mother how I lost "Kaylie" under a snowdrift in the back yard.

Today, first thing (well, maybe after pancakes), all three of them will be out there.  Maybe I'll even  throw on my big girl snow pants and join them.  After all, when was the last time I got to play on a snow day?

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