Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of all time. So today, when I was at the grocery store, shopping for tomorrow's dinner, I was in a really great mood. But I was a little bummed by all the cranky people in the store, giving me annoyed looks for--of all the nerve--buying a can of soup. People sighing heavily at crowded aisles, briskly whizzing their carts past slower patrons. I mean, did they think the store wasn't going to be crowded the day before Thanksgiving?

I walked through Jewel thanking my lucky stars I could afford to prepare for a feast. Thankful I had a job. That this store was so full of food. So many things.

Tomorrow at dinner, we customarily make a toast with everyone shouting out what they're thankful for. It's not a prepared shout-out, and we don't really shout, it's just an opportunity to say out-loud all the things we're thankful for. Like jobs and food and health, and newly arrived daughters from Khabarovsk, a Mom that isn't so incredibly sick anymore. A husband I've been married to for twenty years. Handsome sons making great grades at their new school. A nice house to live in. Like I said, so many things.

Maybe all those cranky people at the store had real problems on their minds and so they just weren't thinking about all the things they should be thankful for. I know that on some days, even I can be one of those cranky people. Or maybe they were just a harbinger of things soon to come--when everyone at the stores forgets the real meaning of Christmas. Regardless,I felt every single one of us at that store should have felt grateful to be there, able to buy food for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you find many things to be grateful for. Even if it's just the ability to buy a can of soup in peace.

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