Thursday, March 06, 2008

No sense of humor at EBay...

Aww. EBay pulled my ad. They said I wasn't selling anything "real." (And those people who sell ad space on their foreheads are?) But for those of you who "get it," you can still smile about it here (and continue to lament about corporate America. Oh, and if you're really interested, check out

Here's my ad as it originally appeared on EBay:

Wrigley Naming Rights

This is the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to say you were the one who chose the new name for my dog, “Wrigley Field ‘Wait ‘Til Next Year’ Sargent.” That’s her official AKC registered name, had we ever gotten around to actually registering it.

Unlike some, I’m not trying to be greedy here, just recoup my losses. Those 40-pound bags of Eukanuba Lamb and Rice formula aren’t cheap. Not to mention the vet bills. We’d prefer a name that rolls of the tongue, like “Pepsi” or “Torco” but for the right price, would settle for something along the lines of “Oppenheimer Funds.” And try to keep it clean, she’s a family dog.

I’ve decided to start the bidding at $1000, which seems reasonable since this is approximately the amount of money it costs to take our family of four to a ballgame at the real Wrigley Field. Even though we’ve lived less than a mile from the stadium for the last 19 years it’s become more and more challenging to get advanced tickets to any night or weekend games, until mid-August of course, when Wrigley’s middle name kicks-in and the scalpers are practically giving them away.

So, please help our family get to a game this year and help yourself to some Major League bragging rights! Go Cubs!

(Except for THIS year! BELIEVE!!)

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